Tuesday, 1 May 2018

13 Reasons Why (Season 1)

Unfairly lambasted upon its release by commentators and media outlets for glamourising teen suicide, 13 Reasons Why puts forward a portrayal of high school and adolescence that older viewers were perhaps not ready for, but that felt all too familiar to millennials. In the digital age, bullying, emotional rejection, public humiliation and even depression are exacerbated by social platforms and smartphone devices, and 13… explores these themes in unflinching detail. Anchoring the narrative is a cast of recognisable characters that isn’t restricted to tried and tested stereotypes (ok, most of them aren’t), the standout being Katherine Langford’s tragic Hannah Baker. The show’s intriguing premise – a suicidal student leaves behind thirteen tapes detailing the reasons she took her own life – would’ve made for a perfectly self-contained mini-series, which is why the imminent second season feels a little superfluous. But make no mistake – this remains the most relevant teen drama currently streaming on our screens.


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